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While the Super Bowl ads are a key focus for marketers during the game itself, these days, people go online to share and re-watch their favorites over and over, which can put a different skew on the popularity of each.

And while initial response shows instant reaction to the Super Bowl campaigns, YouTube has this week revealed the most popular Super Bowl LIV ads based on views and re-views a week on from the event, which it’s collected into its ‘AdBlitz’ collection, making them easier to find.

So which ads have proven most popular over time?

The most viewed Super Bowl LIV ad came from Amazon’s Alexa, with its “What did we do before Alexa?” campaign starring Ellen DeGeneres.

The ad has been viewed 61.5 million times thus far, putting it nearly 15 million views ahead of the second-placed spot, which is…

The ‘Groundhog Day’ campaign from Jeep clearly hit a nerve for many – and while it hasn’t been viewed as many times as the Alexa campaign, it has around 77k more total Likes after a week, underlining the power of nostalgia. 

Hyundai’s ‘Smaht Pahk’ ad, starring Chris Evans and John Krasinski, comes in at third place on the YouTube list.

The power of celebrity endorsement is strong, though the campaign does effectively highlight a key feature of the new Sonata, in addition to the repeated joke.

At fourth, Genesis’ campaign, starring Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, really builds on Teigen’s own Twitter presence, which she’s arguably now as known for as she is for her modeling career.

The campaign is interesting as an extension of Teigen’s online persona, underlining the rising role that social plays in our broader connective landscape, and expanding online popularity to a wider audience.

And lastly, at fifth, T-Mobile’s 5G ad, starring Anthony Anderson, has racked up 32m views on the platform.

As noted, while each of these ads does feature a major star, it’s interesting to consider the key elements, and how they contribute to increased sharing online. All of the top five ads incorporate comedy, while they also take a creative angle to a specific aspect – whether that’s using smartpark technology, upgrading your network provider or considering what people did without technological innovation.

That could be a good starting point for your own campaigns – consider not only what your product or service is or does, but what it provides, and how it makes your target audience’s world better, in a practical sense, then build from there.

It is, obviously, difficult to match it with the top creative minds in advertising (and you likely can’t afford Chrissy Teigen to endorse your business), but it’s worth breaking down the top ads and considering what makes them more appealing, and whether you can utilize the same.

You can view all the Super Bowl ads on YouTube here

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