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If you need a refresher on all things LinkedIn in 2020, you’ve come to the right place. In last week’s #SMTLive Twitter chat, users weighed in on the best options for paid media, organic content, and audience building on the platform.

Hopefully, this recap will inspire you to try some new strategies on LinkedIn – or at the least, educate you on what’s been working for #SMTLive users. 

As a social media marketer, it can often feel like Facebook and Instagram get all the focus. But there’s obviously a lot of value unique value in LinkedIn as well. Here’s what those on #SMTLive had to say about how LinkedIn elevates their overall SMM game:

Users in the chat showed a lot of love for the platform’s paid ad targeting. More on that later. 

@BearHeiser noted the benefits of LinkedIn’s thought leadership capabilities as a form of unique influencer marketing only available on LinkedIn. 

Be sure to check out the above article for more information. Next, we talked about building a good target audience on the platform.

While some users use the platform’s tools to find their ideal audience…

… others use more guerilla marketing tactics: 

Everyone knows that authenticity is the core of social media marketing these days. So we asked #SMTLive how they use authenticity to their advantage on LinkedIn specifically.

@ErinHindalong offered her advice for authenticity here:

@JenniferBaker no longer feels that those lengthy success stories that are so common on the platform come off as authentic.

And Robin offered a more authentic way to make connections on LinkedIn below.

Next, we wanted to see what kind of content is doing well for #SMTLive users. 

It seemed to be one of those classic “it depends on your brand” answers for this question.

But it was still interesting to learn what’s working well for each of these users’ brands.

We even got a shout out from @Allen when Robin tagged him praising him on how successful his video interviews have been on the platform.

Finally, we wanted to see what features the platform offers that users are loving.

As we mentioned before, users in this #SMTLive chat raved about LinkedIn’s targeting abilities. When it comes to paid media on the platform, it was the most talked-about feature in our chat this week.

Additionally, LinkedIn’s new private messaging update got some praise as well.

We hope you learned something new about LinkedIn through our recap today. Don’t forget to chime in on Twitter for our next chat if you’re able to – here’s a refresher on how to participate in a Twitter chat, in case you want to join the fun but don’t know how.

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