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Thought leaders: Whether you love them or hate them, they’re becoming an integral part of social media. As marketers start to make room for thought leaders in their social media marketing strategies, we figured it was a good time to ask our #SMTLive community about them.

In our latest Twitter chat, we got a solid definition of what a thought leader really is, how brands and individuals can use thought leadership to their advantage on social, and talked about the difference between thought leaders and influencers. Let’s dive in:

Did these results surprise you? Almost half of our #SMTLive community today said they bought-in on a product because of a piece of thought leadership. That’s good news for marketers who are debating adding thought leaders to their SMM strategy. 

What exactly makes a thought leader? We asked, you answered. 

Robin put it best: A thought leader aligns a person or brand with a concept through content. 

Just like in all other forms of social media marketing, it’s important to stay authentic as a thought leader. This type of strategy can often sound salesy, so monitoring your tone here is key. 

These three tweets hit home: The best part about thought leaders is that they have ultimate expertise!

After getting some amazing feedback about what a thought leader really is, our #SMTLive community shared some tips and tricks for creating the very best high-quality thought leadership content.

According to @A_Cantine, The best thought leaders are great story-tellers. 

Additionally, thought leaders serve their purpose when they’re connected and informed.

Now that we’ve established that thought leadership has a lot of value, we wanted to see how #SMTLive participants measure that value. 

Engagement metrics came up a LOT here.

High-quality engagement, to be specific. 

Point taken: Engagement metrics are key when it comes to measuring how your thought leadership content is performing. 

We loved this question. While influencers and thought leaders might seem similar, they’re actually completely different animals.

First and foremost, most people measure their performance completely differently. 

So true: The levels of authenticity seem completely different here. 

@nayantarasom pointed out that thought leaders often demonstrate a wealth of expertise in their content that influencers don’t.

And @A_Cantine noted that thought leaders are called leaders for a reason.

Thanks so much for recapping this week’s #SMTLive Twitter chat with us – we hope you learned a little more about all things thought leadership than you knew before.

If you’re cooped up at home like a lot of us are right now, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to find some community in our next Twitter chat. We’re looking at ways to increase our Twitter chat frequency in order to help people in the SMT community stay connected, and maintain social connection during the crisis. 

We’ll have more information on this shortly.

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