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5 best Star Wars games for Android

Star Wars KOTOR II - the best Star Wars games for Android

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Star Wars is one of the most popular movie franchises of all time. It’s going strong decades later with movies, books, comics, and even popular spin-off TV shows like The Mandalorian. There are also a small selection of mobile games for fans of the series. This was a much larger and more diverse topic for mobile game developers years ago. However, the selection is a lot smaller now. In any case, here are the best Star Wars games currently for Android.

We’d also like to give honorable mentions to Star Wars: Card Trader by Topps (Google Play link) and Star Wars Pinball 7 (Google Play link). Both of those games have potential but just aren’t good enough to make the list right now. You can try them if you want a couple of additional options.

  1. LEGO Star Wars games
  2. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
  3. Star Wars KOTOR I and Star Wars KOTOR II
  4. The Mandalorian AR Experience
  5. X-Wing Flight

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LEGO Star Wars games

Price: Varies, but usually free to play

There are actually two LEGO Star Wars games. The first is LEGO Boost Star Wars (Google Play link). It’s an interactive game with the Boost Droid Commander set so you actually need real life toys to interact with that one. The other one, LEGO Star Wars: TFA (linked at the button below) is a more traditional Star Wars game. It explores the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens but through the lens of a LEGO game. Both games are pretty fun, but LEGO Star Wars: TFA is a bit more accessible since you don’t have to buy the toys first.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Price: Free to play

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is the most popular Star Wars game on mobile right now. It’s a gacha style mobile RPG with characters from basically all eras of Star Wars. Players summon characters, build teams, and upgrade their characters as they progress through the game. There is also a space ship battle mechanic as well. The game gets consistent updates and new content. The new content isn’t always great, but overall, it’s a good game.

Star Wars: KOTOR I and II

Price: $9.99-$14.99

Star Wars: KOTOR was one of the best RPGs in its day. The game takes place 4,000 years before the events of the Star Wars movies do don’t worry if you haven’t seen them all yet. The game lets you build a character, make decisions, and customize your gear in various ways. The second game launched at the tail end of 2020. It is functionally similar to the first but way more in-depth. It feels a little dated to play these days, but a lot of the concepts still hold up and it’s one of the few Star Wars games with a single price tag. The only issues for both games are some bugs that can cause things like game crashes. Save often if you decide to play them. You can get the second game at the button below and the first one on the Google Play Store here.

The Mandalorian AR Experience

Price: Free

The Mandalorian AR Experience is an app from Google. It lets you use your camera sensor and surrounding space to place various characters from the titular TV show. You can interact with characters once they’re placed in the the scenes for bits of story you might not have seen in the first season of the show. This one has a shorter compatibility list than most. It did work on my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but not on my Pixel 3a.

The Mandalorian AR Experience screenshot

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

X-Wing Flight

Price: Free

X-Wing Flight represents a bit of a wild card on this list. It’s an unlicensed space fighter game with Star Wars ships in it. It’s a pretty simple game in practice. You take control of a ship and use it to destroy all the enemies while also not getting lost. That’s about it. It’s a free game with no in-app purchases so it’s difficult to bash the game for its lack of polish. This concept also works really well on mobile. It’s a good game, but not a great game. However, it’s also free so you get what you pay for it.

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If we missed any great Star Wars games for Android, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.

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